Home at last

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Well, thats it. Should be back to school around eleven-ish; everyone else is asleep getting over jetlag. We had a great  time, and the kids loved travelling, but they are really looking forward to getting down to some hard work at school*.


Nan Yu and Pk Kwan’s Dad (as the girls are fast asleep)






*this too is a joke


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We went to disneyland it was great. The castle was beautiful. At night there was people dressed as ghosts for halloween.

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Making a raft



We went to a beach. We made some makeing of a raft, it was really fun and we get to sit on it. We tied some rope and sticks onto barrels. We push it into the sea and we quickly jump on it. we went slowly and mum was in a kayak – she was faster.

Pik Kwan



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Aaah! Nan Yu has turned into a zombie. I don’t know how it happened, perhaps she’s working too hard* We locked her in the toilet but I think she’s escaped; I can hear something …. it’s getting closer … it’s aaaaaaarrgh!


[chomp, chomp, chomp]




*This is a joke

Owl Answers by Nan Yu

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Yes some owls can hover




Owls faces are heart shaped not to look cute but because they have their earholes on their face! The face is like a big earshell to focus the sound on their earholes!




Owls cannot turn their heads right around but they turn them 3/4 around – if they turn their head all the way round they would break their necks.




Most owls are not nocturnal! Only the snowy owl and the barn owl are nocturnal in britain.

Yes, owls can hear a mouse’s heartbeat a long way away

Nan Yu




The big owl is called an eagle owl. The little one is a snowy owl.


Legoland answers

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NY – best art was the lego lion


Lucia – the lion had a hole so you could put your face in it. I t was really interesting. I think it must be really hard to make the lion PK




Noah, I think there were millions or thousands, I don’t know, but more than 360. It would take very long to count all the  bricks. PK



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There was a lot of rain. it was windy. We could see the rain on the window when we was eating breakfast. PK




In the Phillipines there was a big typhoon it stretched to Hong Kong but the wind wasn’t as bad here. If you don’t know what a typhoon is it is a big storm, with lots of rain and wind. NY


Hong Kong

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In the swimming pool at the hotel and at a banquet with the Choi’s (Pik Kwan’s Hong Kong family

On Tuesday we went to Hong Kong, it was really hot and I was sweaty and we went to the park it was fun. I went to the game shop to play some games – I play bowling it was little and then I play a different game.

Then I went to my hotel and swim, then I lay on my bed it was really big and comfortable. The place is called Kowloon and I went to the station and i had an ice cream.

We went out for dinner it was a Chinese place and I eat a banquet with my Choi family. We had noodles, it was nice and I also eat soup it was lung soup and I had some crab.

Pik Kwan

It is very hot and damp in the air in Hong Kong. You have to all wear shorts and a short sleeved top to be cool enough, but it was still very hot. Some people who live in Hong Kong wear trousers and a top. I think they must be very hot! It is good to swim a lot. We had a Chinese banquet with the Choi family . The food was very unusual. We had lung soup*, prawns, rice, noodles, chicken, hotpot and red or black bean soup for afters – the red bean soup wasn’t a sweet sort of flavour, it was unusual tasting. I ate lots and loved it all except for the pudding.

Nan Yu

PS We ate lung soup because it was supposed to be good for the lungs.

Nan Yu


family party


At Nan B’s house we had a party with all the family and I played with my cousins a lot. Pik Kwan

Biker gurls


On Uncle Micks motorbike

It was a ducatti. It was red and had a very big engine. I started it up It did not frighten me*. I did not ride on the bike I only got to sit on it. It was very cool. It was heavy. It must be hard to balance.

Pik Kwan




(*She only screamed with excitement, honest! – Dad)


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